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“Extremely warm and honest. I would recommend them to anyone!”

– Holly P.

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A Break for Some Cherokee and Cobb County Real Estate Transactions

Last Fall ended with some good news that can affect many Cherokee and Cobb County real estate transactions—specifically some with bottom lines equal to $400,000 or less. It came in the form of a rule change from Washington’s rule-makers, and whether or not it applies to your own property, it may signal a shift in regulatory outlook.

Latest Real Estate News Gets Cherokee or Cobb County Homeowner Attention

If you own (or intend to own) your own Cherokee or Cobb County house, some portion of your brain is probably attuned to late-breaking housing news. This may ring true for you—particularly if you have ever found yourself suddenly paying attention after hearing a newscaster utter the words “crisis,” “surge,” “slump,” or “rebound” combined with “housing” or “single-family.”

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