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15 02, 2017

Legal Liability for Debt in a Georgia Divorce

2017-03-12T16:54:29-04:00Divorce, Financial|

The state of Georgia is an ‘equitable distribution’ state. In equitable distribution states, the court will assign debt responsibility in a way that is fair under the specific circumstances of the couple’s situation. Typically, debt belongs to the ex-spouse whose name is on it. That would leave you on the hook for your debt, [...]

20 12, 2016

Divorce and Your Credit

2017-03-12T16:55:48-04:00Divorce, Financial|

Divorce can wreak havoc on your credit score. Confusion or disagreement about who is paying what bills and who is using which credit cards is typically the culprit. Late pays, no pays, and insufficient funds can quickly cause the very best credit scores to plummet, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By [...]

4 12, 2016

Financial Considerations for Selling Your House During Divorce

2017-03-12T16:56:25-04:00Divorce, Financial, Popular|

Selling your home before, after, during, or because of divorce creates some substantial financial concerns that you should be aware of.  For example, it’s likely that your current mortgage is based on the income of both you and your ex-spouse.  When that salary is halved or reduced, maintaining house payments, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, [...]