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10 12, 2019

Gen Xer Resilience Shown by Cobb and Cherokee County Real Estate

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By now, just about everyone in Cobb and Cherokee County looks back on the last decade’s housing bust with a lot less consternation than heretofore—time can do that (as well as the recovery of temporarily lost value). For some Cobb and Cherokee County homeowners, the temporary nosedive in Cobb and Cherokee County real estate values was little more than an uncomfortable learning experience.

7 06, 2017

Home Design Trends Reflect Changing Environment

2017-06-07T15:36:35-04:00Fun Things|

Cherokee and Cobb County real estate—like all real estate—is a supremely local activity. Area homeowners who like to keep an eye on Georgia and national trends do so because some of them may surface in future buyer preferences. For Cherokee and Cobb County homeowners in a remodeling frame of mind, it doesn’t hurt to be [...]

6 10, 2016

Thoughts on Homeyness and the Home in 2016

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A home is so much more than just a shelter, according to the most recent Life at Home report. The 2016 report, which is published annually by the IKEA global home furnishings company, says a home is defined by what inhabitants experience through their senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Together, these five senses [...]

27 09, 2016

Out of My Dad's Recipe Box

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Rack of Lamb Provencale. Dad's old recipe box. My late father enjoyed cooking when I was young and kept a recipe box of note cards with all these old-school, gourmet dishes he ate in his travels (or would one day liked to have tried). Many of the dishes were hastily scribbled on napkins; [...]