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7 04, 2020

Favorable News for those Selling their Cherokee or Cobb County House

2020-03-30T13:19:25-04:00Home Buying, Home Ownership, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

For those pondering the timetable for selling their Cherokee or Cobb County house, this recent development may add a couple of plusses into the “sooner” column. There are always pros and cons about listing in the fall versus waiting for the spring and summer market—but this information could tilt toward acting now.

31 03, 2020

A Break for Some Cherokee and Cobb County Real Estate Transactions

2020-03-09T12:57:26-04:00Home Buying, Home Ownership, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

Last Fall ended with some good news that can affect many Cherokee and Cobb County real estate transactions—specifically some with bottom lines equal to $400,000 or less. It came in the form of a rule change from Washington’s rule-makers, and whether or not it applies to your own property, it may signal a shift in regulatory outlook.

24 03, 2020

Latest Real Estate News Gets Cherokee or Cobb County Homeowner Attention

2020-03-25T13:08:12-04:00Home Buying, Home Ownership, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

If you own (or intend to own) your own Cherokee or Cobb County house, some portion of your brain is probably attuned to late-breaking housing news. This may ring true for you—particularly if you have ever found yourself suddenly paying attention after hearing a newscaster utter the words “crisis,” “surge,” “slump,” or “rebound” combined with “housing” or “single-family.”

4 02, 2020

This Gesture Makes for Gracious Cherokee and Cobb County House Selling

2020-02-05T14:09:28-05:00Home Ownership, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

When you first begin thinking about house selling, most Cherokee and Cobb County sellers are rightly focused on getting the property in top shape, establishing a solid relationship with their Cherokee or Cobb County Realtor®, and making some key decisions (like what the optimal asking price should be). In other words, laying out a practical strategic house selling game plan.

28 01, 2020

For Cherokee or Cobb County Homeowners, Insurance Drama Saves Money

2020-01-29T12:48:03-05:00Home Ownership, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

The headline promised “Ways to Dramatically Lower Your Home Insurance Costs”—there were six of them—and indeed, it was followed by some sage economic advice. Insurance isn’t often accompanied by high drama, but CNBC’s website can be forgiven for the hyperbole. The guidance for Cherokee or Cobb County homeowners was useful.

3 12, 2019

Cobb and Cherokee County Real Estate Investing Without Pop-Up Ads

2019-12-04T12:00:12-05:00Home Buying, Home Ownership, Real Estate Investing|

Few Cobb and Cherokee County residents who spend much time online have avoided the unnerving experience of having their screens populated with ads aimed at them, personally. Whether the culprit is Google or Facebook or one of the otherwise-useful apps, it’s close to impossible to avoid having your personal preferences noted and exploited by the omnipresent web snoops.

2 08, 2017

Retrofitting and Accessibility for 55+ Homeowners: A Practical Issue

2017-08-02T20:53:38-04:00Home Buying, Home Selling, Real Estate Investing|

While much attention is directed at the phalanx of youthful first-time homebuyers, the Millennials and GenXers aren’t the only groups who are having a substantial influence on the direction of Cherokee and Cobb County’s real estate market. Whether they are tagged “mature,” “aging,” or downright “elderly,” the over 55-crowd comprise an increasingly influential part of [...]

11 04, 2017

The Ethical Bribery That Can Reduce Your Mortgage Payments in Cherokee or Cobb County

2017-04-11T22:37:06-04:00Home Buying, Real Estate Investing|

In Spanish-speaking countries, a bribe is known as mordida. In Italy, spintarella; in parts of Asia, baksheesh. Baksheesh can also mean a tip, which is perfectly legal and ethical in a restaurant, but not so much in a bank or government office. Here in Cherokee or Cobb County, GA, we have a pretty inflexible attitude [...]