Here’s the Cobb County GA Real Estate Sales Report for December 2018. This report gives detailed real estate market data for Cobb County in December 2018.

The year 2018 ended with an unusually slow real estate market in Cobb County. Those who are familiar with the typical “cycles” that most real estate markets go through on an annual basis know that it’s common for real estate sales to begin slowing down as we approach the holiday months, finally slowing to a crawl in December. However, December 2018 was slower than expected in Cobb County!

The number of new listings in Cobb County fell by 61.9%, while the number of pending sales and closed sales fell by 69.8% and 88%, respectively. Despite such dramatic drops in real estate activity, the number of new listings (214) outweighed the number of closed sales (87), so Cobb County real estate inventory jumped up a bit. The inventory of homes for sale increased by 17.4%, and the months supply of inventory increased by 19%. The inventory is likely to be back to its slim normalcy soon, though; springtime is just around the corner!

Median home prices in Cobb County rose 14.7% to $304,000 and average home prices in Cobb County rose 1.1% to $318,694 according to the December 2018 real estate sales data, but keep in mind the small number of transactions those numbers are being reported from. This data might not be an accurate representation of the entirety of Cobb County’s real estate market, so it’s not reasonable to assume that these home prices are indicative of the future.

There’s even more interesting details in the full report.  To view the full December 2018 real estate sales report for Cobb County, GA, just click here.

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