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Cobb County Real Estate

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Cobb County History

Cobb, along with several adjoining counties, was created on December 3, 1832, by the Georgia General Assembly from the huge Cherokee “county” territory—land northwest of the Chattahoochee River which the state confiscated from the Cherokee Nation and redistributed to settlers via lottery, following the passage of the federal Indian Removal Act. The county was named for Thomas Willis Cobb, a United States representative and senator from Georgia. It is believed that Marietta the county seat – was named for his wife, Mary.

The state started acquiring right-of-way for a railroad in 1836 and trains began running between Marietta and Marthasville (now Atlanta) in 1845. In the antebellum era, Marietta was a summer resort for residents of Savannah and Charleston fleeing Yellow Fever.

During the American Civil War, some confederate troops were trained at a camp in Kennesaw. There were battles of New Hope Church May 25, Pickett’s Mill May 27, and Dallas May 28. The Battle of Allatoona Pass on October 28 occurred as Sherman was starting his March through Georgia. Union forces burnt most houses and confiscated or burnt crops.

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain June 27, 1864, was the site of the only major Confederate victory in General William T. Sherman’s invasion of Georgia. Despite the victory, Union forces outflanked the Confederates.

With a population of more than 700,000 people it is the fourth-most populous county in Georgia. It has been ranked among the top 100 wealthiest counties in the United States.

Cobb County Schools

One of the big draws to Cobb County is the schools: The U.S. Census Bureau ranks Cobb County as the most-educated in the state of Georgia and 12th among all counties in the United States.

Cobb County School District (CCSD) is the second largest school system in Georgia and is responsible for educating more than 111,000 students in a diverse, constantly changing suburban environment.

More than 2/3 of Cobb County schools received scores of 80 or higher on the 2013 Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index, the new statewide accountability system that replaces the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Scores for all Cobb schools at each academic level were higher than those of the state. Nine high schools, 10 middle schools and 28 elementary schools received maximum points for closing the achievement gap for specific student groups.

For the 2013 CRCT, the percentage of Cobb students meeting or exceeding standards was higher than the state in every content area and grade level.

Seventeen elementary schools and 6 middle schools had 90 percent or more of students meet or exceed standards in all CRCT content areas.

This kind of academic success is due, in part, to the level of investment in the community’s children and their education system. In 2015 alone the district’s annual budget was more than $900 million.

The Cobb County School District consists of a total of 114 schools:

  • Elementary Schools – 67
  • Middle Schools – 25
  • High Schools – 16
  • Charter Schools
  • (independently managed) – 2
  • Special Education Centers – 2
  • Adult Education Center – 1
  • Performance Learning Center – 1

More information can be found on the district’s web site.

Be sure to scroll down to view some of the most popular real estate in Cobb County, and check out the list of neighborhoods and cities within this great county!  If you’d like to be notified the next time a home in this area becomes available on the market, just contact us and we will keep you informed.

Cobb County Homes for Sale

Why We’re Your Cobb County Real Estate Agents

Large counties like Cobb County often have their own ‘micro-market’ or real estate ‘sub-market’, because the Cobb County GA real estate may be in higher demand than real estate from neighboring counties.  For that reason, if you’re thinking of buying or selling real estate in Cobb County, you really need to work with Realtors who are experts within the county specifically, to be sure they understand Cobb County’s true home values, current inventory, negotiation points, amenities, and more.

As Cobb County GA real estate experts, we understand the real estate market within Cobb County and the surrounding areas.  If you’re interested in buying or selling Cobb County GA real estate, make your first call to the experts!

Looking for a Cobb County Listing Agent?

There are so many real estate agents to choose from in the area. Agents seemingly come in all shapes, sizes, experiences, personalities and track records.  It’s important to choose a true expert!

Here’s why you should choose us to sell your Cobb County home:

Your Dreams. Our Mission.

We know real estate. We’re experts on the Cobb County real estate market and we harness all that expertise to sell your home. We know the median prices of homes for the area. We know how long homes took to sell. We know if the market’s up or down and why. We’ve worked with hundreds of buyers and know what they look for. We know what it takes to sell your home. How? You gain a lot of knowledge when you sell an average of nearly one home a week in a year!

We Know How to Price Your Home Right

Forget Zestimates. They’re not accurate. We’re local market professionals and will give you a detailed, comparative market analysis showing how we estimate your home’s value – for FREE. Then, we’ll offer you three pricing options to get your home sold for the most money and in the time frame you want.

Sometimes, sought-after counties like Cobb County develop their own real estate market that is independent of the real estate market around it.  This is due to the higher demand for Cobb County homes, because of all its great offerings and/or location.

We Will Aggressively Market Your Home

We do more than stick a sign in your yard. We spend a lot of money on advertising because we know it sells homes when it’s done right. We aggressively market your home online and in key traditional media.

More than 80 percent of home buyers start their search for homes online. So we’ve become experts in making sure your home gets seen where the buyers are – online and on social media outlets. We start with creating a custom web site just for your home and drive online traffic to that site. Then we make sure your home will be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and other targeted social sites. Our listings are also syndicated on thousands of other web sites including the big ones such as Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia. We’re Zillow Premiere agents, which means our listings get premium placement on Zillow.

We also market your home to the other thousands of agents in the area who may each have dozens of buyers they’re working with. This is a huge, overlooked opportunity by many home sellers don’t realize.  Plus, we provide free, professional High-Definition photography of your home because we want it looking it’s best online.

We Offer Multiple Commission Choices

Commissions seem to always be a stressful part of the conversation when talking with an agent about selling your home. It can be a silly dance, around and around as one party tries to convince the other to agree on a number. But not with us. We’ll give you multiple commission options for YOU to choose from – along with the pros and cons of each option – so you can make a confident decision. Again, YOU pick the commission rate.

You’ll Like Working With Us

We’re not pushy. We aren’t high pressure. We’re regular, hard working people like you. We like our clients and they like us.

We don’t mean to brag but we have tons of satisfied clients who’ve told us how much they’ve enjoyed working with us – and put it in writing on Zillow, our web site and our Facebook page. We encourage you to read these reviews for yourself.

We Guarantee Our Work

Most agents are hesitant about guarantees. That’s because they’re not really confident they can sell your home.

Our guarantee is simple, bold and risk-free: if you aren’t satisfied with how we’re selling your home you can fire us and not owe us a dime. We can make that guarantee because we’ve sold so many homes and have so many satisfied clients we know it will be an excellent experience for you.

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