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Marietta Real Estate

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Homes for sale in Marietta offer many choices to suit new owner’s tastes. Hightailing it north of Atlanta, the town of Marietta came from a humble start of four settler homesteads who built up their town near an old Indian trail as early as 1824. Officially recognized as a city in 1834, Marietta fits perfectly into Cobb County.

A fire in 1855 destroyed several blocks of the downtown area but was soon rebuilt. Burned again during the Civil War, where Marietta was positioned as a field hospital for wounded soldiers, Marietta’s convenient position to the railroad made it an easy target.

One of the time honored traditions here in Marietta, is to recreate “The Great Locomotive Chase” which, according to the local legends, began with the Raiders at the Marietta Train Station, stealing a train on April 12, 1861. Soon after boarding the train, the Raiders commandeered it in Big Shanty. Historical re-enactments of the next 50 miles of the ride have been recreated for generations and is referred to as “The Great Locomotive Chase.”

In 1864, forces General Sherman moved in and occupied the town until November 1864, when the men under the command of Union General Hugh Kilpatrick, Sherman’s “merchant of terror,” set the town on fire.

The Marietta Welcome Center was the original railroad depot, built in 1905. Revitalizing the city after the war meant opportunities for expansion and growth and Marietta took full advantage of it, becoming a commerce center for northern Georgia.

Reborn from ashes, Marietta has blossomed over the decades into a flourishing town, offering visitors and residents alike treats and gems among its picturesque streets, busy shops and delectable restaurants. Now, real estate and homes for sale in Marietta, GA are booming.

Interested in learning more about the history of the city? Stop by the Marietta History Museum on the second floor of the Kennesaw House for a more personal visit. See the room where Andrew’s Raiders finalized their audacious plans for the Great Train Robbery. Be sure to also visit the Cherokee section and learn about the Native Americans who originally lived here and the journey on the Trail of Tears.

Many Marietta homes for sale today afford an easy style of living. Find out why Marietta real estate is a valuable investment. Ask us today to see more.

Be sure to scroll down to view some of the most popular real estate in Marietta, and check out the list of neighborhoods within this great city!  If you’d like to be notified the next time a home in this area becomes available on the market, just contact us and we will keep you informed.

Marietta Homes for Sale

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