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Alpharetta Real Estate

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North of Atlanta, GA, the 1830’s found Alpharetta was first created out of a tiny community near a natural spring named New Prospect Camp, with a few tents, a one room school, and some hardy farmers trying out a new cotton crop. Milton County was created in 1857 and the tiny town was renamed the Town Of Milton. It wasn’t until December 1858 that the new name of Alpharetta was officially renamed and recognized as a city charter. Taken from the Greek language, Alpharetta means “first town.” A booming city in 1860; no matter its name, the town had three hotels, a multi room school house, stores, churches, and was the recognized county seat of Milton county.

As with many towns in this area, the civil war took a hard toll. Rebuilding over time, Alpharetta lost its position as the county seat in 1932, when Milton County merged in to Fulton County, as Atlanta was the official seat for Fulton. Regardless, Alpharetta continued to grow and prosper. There are over 65,000 residents who call Alpharetta home, with over 3,600 businesses.

Today, visitors can appreciate the long history of Alpharetta at the Historical Society housed in the Mansell House and Gardens. Alpharetta homes are part of a very prized parks and recreation place. Alpharetta does exceptional with their outdoor activities. As part of a city spaced almost perfectly between the North Georgia Mountains and the great city of Atlanta, Alpharetta realty deserves how admired it is by homebuyers.

Alpharetta homes for sale offer a wide section of home styles to suit any active lifestyle. There are a multitude of neighborhoods featured in Alpharetta realty. Alpheretta real estate for sale includes houses, condos, townhomes, and multi-family units.

Downtown Alpharetta is phenomenal, as well. There are plentiful diverse eateries here, offering many different experiences for visitors, and those who live in Alpharetta homes. Here, you can find Avalon- a very special, sizable place indeed. Check out what Avalon features here. An eventful downtown is always a plus in finding a new home, especially in Alpharetta real estate for sale.

Currently, Alpharetta realty is considered #3 as the best suburb to live in Georgia, and #4 in the best place to raise a family in Georgia. The school district is praised here. It has been said that the school teachers genuinely care about the material, and want the students to succeed. Alpharetta real estate for sale is an excellent place to find a new home.

Be sure to also visit the FFA log cabin on the site of the old Milton High School. Built in 1934-1935, the cabin is one of only two remaining FFA constructed log cabins still in use today in America. A hands-on project, constructing the log cabin was a community wide venture. Local Alpharetta merchants and businesses contributed most of the supplies to complete the property. Students cut and hauled donated pine trees to the site and did all the work themselves, except for raising the chimney.

Not to be outdone, today Alpharetta real estate continues to grow beyond log cabins. These days, Alpharetta homes for sale cover a broad inventory and invite visitors to become permanent residents. Ask us today to see more on Alpharetta realty.

Interested in Alpharetta realty? A real estate agent can help you significantly in the home buying process. Consider Cowan and Associates as your Alpharetta real estate agent. Being an official real estate agent for Alpharetta, GA for over 15 years, and members of our real estate agent team exceeding 25 years in the real estate field, we know the market, and can get you the home of your dreams today. Let our practice and experience serve you as your real estate agent in Alpharetta, GA.

Be sure to scroll down to view some of the most popular real estate in Alpharetta, and check out the list of neighborhoods within this great city!  If you’d like to be notified the next time a home in this area becomes available on the market, just contact us and we will keep you informed.

Alpharetta Homes for Sale

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