It just could be that the absolute best Halloween gift has been identified. It’s one that every Cherokee and Cobb County resident would certainly be surprised to receive.

Now, in case you are asking yourself who gives gifts at Halloween (other than the candy we hand out to the pint-sized ghosts and goblins), I agree that October 31 gift-giving isn’t in vogue. But thinking about it can be useful. It’s our last chance to get some mental practice in before the season for major league gift-giving hits Cherokee and Cobb County.

This week is our last chance to fully appreciate this time of year. I’m talking about the not-yet-Holiday Season season. These are the last few days when there’s no fussing over gift exchanges, Holiday partying, New Year’s plans—any of it!

Like it or not, come November 1, as the first Halloween decorations come down, it will be off to the races. Suddenly Christmas carols will be everywhere—on the airwaves and over department store loudspeakers. Store windows will first fill with turkeys and pilgrims, then (even before the last Thanksgiving football game has gone into overtime), ads—yuletide ads—will descend upon the land.

It’s something we tend to forget every year: Halloween isn’t just its own thing: it’s the calendar Rubicon separating the Holidays from the rest of the non-Holiday parts of the year. But that presents a special opportunity for Cherokee and Cobb County residents who’ve fallen out of practice with gift-shopping. Since nobody actually exchanges presents on October 31, the mental exercise can get your creative juices going without having to spend anything.

GhostsThe easiest Halloween gifting ideas are good for limbering up. It may be a little late for pumpkin-carving sets (everyone who favors jack-o-lanterns already has theirs, anyway). Likewise, candy is probably already near the bowls, ready to be handed over to the little spooks and goblins. A better idea might be a CD with soundtracks from “The Exorcist” or “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

It doesn’t take long before most people realize what a good thing it is that we don’t really have to exchange presents at Halloween: it’s too tough to come up with original ideas. I gave up soon enough—which is how this best Halloween gift of all came to my attention (it was on the web).
The perfect Halloween gift would be…a ghost town!

Ghost Town For Sale

It may be a little impractical, but if you search high and low, seven of them seem to be currently available. They aren’t all old mining towns, either (one is an island beach resort whose bridge burned down). Any of them would certainly surprise any Cherokee and Cobb County Halloween gift recipient. They’d certainly have a hard time coming up with something to give in return.

There is a possibility that I’m slightly prejudiced in the selection of the perfect Halloween gift (being that it’s a piece of real estate). But that’s why Cherokee and Cobb County home buyers and sellers choose to give me a call when real estate is involved. I’m totally focused on the subject!