This is our November 2016 Real Estate Market Report for Kennesaw, Georgia.

As the holidays approach, the real estate market in Kennesaw is slowing down a bit.  The number of new listings and closed sales decreased by 26% and 16.9% respectively, which is common for the holiday season due to there being fewer sellers and buyers in the market during the holiday season.  However, the median sold price decreased by 6.9% since last month, which is a big price drop and a little unexpected.  These prices are still 5.7% higher than they were this time last year though, so the longterm pricing trend is still upwards.

The average sold-to-list price ratio dropped to 95.8% (it was 97% last month), even though the median days to contract is at a 5-year low of only 17 days.  Combined with the declined median sold price, this data could be a result of investor purchases in the market, or it could be the natural settling of home prices in Kennesaw after a year of relatively high prices.

For more details, be sure to download the full report!  To view the full real estate market report for November 2016 for Kennesaw GA, please click here.

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