13 09, 2017

8 Ideas to Boost Home Value in Cobb and Cherokee County

2017-09-13T18:59:50+00:00 Home Selling|

From time to time it can be fun to scour the latest “Top Ten” lists of cost-conscious ways to increase Cobb and Cherokee County house values. Some make more sense than others, however. Upgrading bathroom vanity cabinets appears on some of the house value lists, for instance—but those lists were probably thrown together in a [...]

7 09, 2017

Top 4 Events that Trigger Homebuyers

2017-09-07T15:44:19+00:00 Home Buying|

What are the most common changes in circumstances that send buyers out looking for homes for sale? What are the events that trigger typical prospects to comb through the Cobb and Cherokee County listings, contact Realtors®, set out on house tours—and ultimately make the offer that results in the move to a new home? The [...]