10 12, 2019

Gen Xer Resilience Shown by Cobb and Cherokee County Real Estate

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By now, just about everyone in Cobb and Cherokee County looks back on the last decade’s housing bust with a lot less consternation than heretofore—time can do that (as well as the recovery of temporarily lost value). For some Cobb and Cherokee County homeowners, the temporary nosedive in Cobb and Cherokee County real estate values was little more than an uncomfortable learning experience.

3 12, 2019

Cobb and Cherokee County Real Estate Investing Without Pop-Up Ads

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Few Cobb and Cherokee County residents who spend much time online have avoided the unnerving experience of having their screens populated with ads aimed at them, personally. Whether the culprit is Google or Facebook or one of the otherwise-useful apps, it’s close to impossible to avoid having your personal preferences noted and exploited by the omnipresent web snoops.